Apple Mini Stores

I was present for the opening of the Bridgewater Apple Mini Store (and in addition to a t-shirt it’s when I bought my 4th Gen iPod to replace my defunct original, after not winning one as a door prize). While in reality the mini stores were mostly just a way of Apple saying “this was the biggest space in this mall we really want to be in” I like to imagine what a Genius Bar only sized store would be like. Could the Apple Store experienced be offered in a format that only has the walkup bar and backroom stock only of troubleshooting items (mostly cables, power adapters, and they would try to push an Apple case or smart cover on you). Would it be better to call it an Apple Service Center? Would it actually be a service center or just a place that has enough iPhones to swap your broken one with while they deal with mailing yours? However limited the experience, it would probably be better than visiting a carrier store.