Xcode 10/iOS 12/WWDC18 Wishlist

Even with today’s news that this year’s releases will focus on stability over features, there are still some things I want to see, even if they have to wait until 2019.

  • Better use (not single narrow column) of iPad lock screen widgets
  • Control Center unification across all iPhones and iPads. There are three different ways to get to control center now and my brain is annoyed by this.
  • Proper system level dark mode on macOS and iOS with some way to tell if an OLED or LCD, perhaps via a system color to query to use as view back color so we all use the same grey/graphite on LCD.
  • iOS app development on iOS. Xcode for iPad but not necessarily Xcode for iPad.
  • APFS for fusion drives
  • Time Machine for APFS and iCloud Documents
  • A MacBook with an LTE radio
  • Ability to pair apps from other spaces in iPad multitasking
  • flag to send very large jobs to metal and get progress callbacks instead of current implementation that requires manual segmenting (or risk timeouts that vary by device)
  • Metal device capabilities in App Store restrictions
  • On-device learning for CoreML
  • Landscape lock screen and springboard for all device sizes
  • Public UIKit or unifying framework for macOS