No iOS 3 this time?

So I started a new app, and before I even added any functionality (just writing up all the UI animations) I found a whole mess of things that don’t exist pre iOS 4 and 5. Particularly dismissViewControllerAnimated:(BOOL) completion:^(void)completion. iOS 5 only. Blocks are so incredibly easy to work with that I’m not going back the old ways just for backwards compatibility. Yes this allegedly shortens my potential customer list, but what’s that saying that your apps should be a compelling enough reason to upgrade?

Still, there’s no denying the fun of the challenge. After all, if I succeed I have no excuse for not writing such an app 3 years ago. The only problem is that it’s the same challenge every time… can’t use blocks, can’t hold 5MP, can’t use appearance… it gets a little old. Sometimes it feels more appropriate to just take out features and tell first gen users “you’re lucky you’re getting this, go buy a new one”.

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