The “Mini” moniker carries a lot with it. Remember this? (circa 2004)

  • 20GB iPod $299
  • 4GB iPod Mini $249

Yet the mini sold phenomenally. At Apple, the term “mini” means paying for it to be smaller and dealing with the lack of specs that comes with it. So even if an 8″ iPad had iPad 2 specs, it could sell well at $399, or $299 with iPad 1 specs.

It’s impossible to discuss smaller tablets without invoking Steve Jobs’ quote that “they’d need to include sandpaper…” or whatever because UI elements would be too small (in actuality they would be exactly iPhone sized). Releasing this device would be Tim Cook’s public opportunity to say he doesn’t live by “What Would Steve Jobs Do” and Apple is HIS company now and he’s going to ruthlessly attack Amazon before they have the chance to be a threat.

$299 for essentially an iPad 1, but 8″, and cameras. Sure the Fire is $199 and dual core, but people will pay the so called “Apple Tax” for a device that doesn’t suck or require software updates out of the box.

Oh and one more thing; the iPad Mini will be as thin and “sexy” as the iPad 2. If you ever see a Kindle Fire without a case it has all the sex appeal of the PowerBook Duo.

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