The 3 Types of Normalize Users

1 – The Lurker
The lurkers if your casual person browsing the web who’s tired of everything and anything having an instagram effect applied to it. I am usually in this category. If I never make a single buck off of it I’m still happy to have made Normalize so I can browse reddit in peace.

2 – The “Photographer”
These are the types who troll the photos category religiously and subsequently fill the web with the types of images that piss off type 1. The premise of Normalize confuses and sometimes insults these people.

3 – The casual Photographer
These people use photography apps on their iPad. Their photos come from iPhoto/Aperture syncs. Maybe it’s a DSLR, maybe it’s a 12MP point and shoot, maybe they just organize all their iPhone pics. Their only goal is only to salvage a shot that went wrong. They may be below the skill level Photoshop requires and might not understand histograms in aperture but are frustrated when the magic wand in iPhoto doesn’t do anything.

Obviously I’m not interested in type 2, but they do exist, so I need to work on my app store description. Perhaps if I change it to free with an in app purchase for some fine tuning tools I can get more 1 and 3.