iDecorate Progress

Click on that to see it at 3840 x 2560.

The Rex and Spinosaurus in the foreground are unscaled 2048×2048 renders and it looks like I should use that resolution rather than 1024×1024 like I had intended (iDecorate’s classic stamps are 512×512). Remember, I started this project for iPad 1 and iPhone 3G. That was a lot of pixels for things to drive, and 512×512 was bigger than non-retina iPhones. In fact, I may need to still use that resolution on iPad 1, 3Gs, and iPod Touch. I still have a lot more testing ahead of me. The above wasn’t even done on a device I just layered everything in Photoshop (which had to be done at 50% because my cinema displays are only 1920 x 1200).

You may be wondering why I chose 1920×1280 (3840×2560 is just double) rather than something based off of XGA. iDecorate was always intended to produce USABLE images. 1920×1280 is 1080p expanded vertically to fit just right on a 3:2 iPhone in landscape. It also fits on a 24″ Cinema Display without scaling. The minor scaling from 1920 x 1280 to 2304 x 1536 on an iPad 3 is actually indistinguishable (go ahead, open the current iDecorate and tell me it looks blurry) so I could just leave things alone, and I will for the most part. I don’t intend to re-render any of the old backgrounds. Some of them took several hours at the old resolution I know you’d rather have new content.

iDecorate has been free since just after the holidays and that’s how it’s going to stay. The Dinosaur expansion (more accurately, the ‘late cretaceous’ expansion) will be $0.99 until late this summer when it doubles in size and price. The first release has over 100 stamps across 10 species all from the late cretaceous. This was intentional, not just because cretaceous dinosaurs are more awesome or well known but for the sake of consistency with such a small number of species to play with. All drawings made with this collection would make enough sense and should prevent Tyrannosaurs dining on Stegosaurides. Incidentally, your Jurassic favorites like Stegosaurus and the giant Sauropods will be in the second half of the expansion.

Oh, and sorry about the low fidelity Gallimimus texture, but he’s mostly a prop (food). I mean seriously, this thing’s defense against predators is run. I doubt you’re going to build a scene based on a live one that isn’t in peril.