The Blood Problem

How do I let you make dinosaurs devouring each other and keep my 4+ rating?

One thing that lets me get away with a lot is that you have to assemble the parts of the violence.

The Gallimimus’ getting eaten are separate bloodless stamps. In fact, if not for this image, I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know what to do with that weird sideways gallimimus stamp. Although this particular T-Rex stamp is obviously bent over for eating, most aggressive stamps just look like an angry dinosaur standing its ground when not placed in contact with one another. That Spinosaurus could just be walking and roaring. Even the raptor stamps (not pictured) just look angry if you don’t place their claws in anyone.

The only rub is that Apple require all screenshots to be 4+, and although there is everything right with two dinosaurs eating each other, my App Store screen shots will probably just have to be dinosaurs grazing and yelling at each other.

I know we need stamps of the partially eaten vanquished, but even Walking with Dinosaurs had to make a “kid friendly” version. I’ve been walking a lot of CGI dinosaurs lately. Like the makers of Jurassic Park III I have to find that balance of fact and public perception necessary to make the app work. No one wants a 2 hour movie about a T-Rex that’s a scavenger and a good mother.