Why iDecorate 3.1 came and went

If you caught iDecorate 3.1 on the App Store, I apologize. For reasons that are still unclear, my app store version just didn’t match up with my builds. For whatever reason (I think interlaced PNGs might be to blame) all of the free stamps in the app store version weren’t included in the bundle. No matter how many times I did a clean and build in Xcode they always showed up on my test devices.

At this point I’m blaming the general quirkiness of Xcode projects (the .xcodeproj file) and am starting with a fresh one. That doesn’t mean it’s not my fault for not doing more thorough testing somehow. I’ll throw in some more “free with any purchase” stamps I originally planned to sell to atone for these problems. If I submit this weekend Apple might hopefully approve by August 9th, which means it’s a neck and neck race with the delivery of my Retina MacBook Pro.