[my] iOS 6 and iPhone 5 app compatibility report

It looks like Apple isn’t expediting updates anymore, and my iPhone 5 might not arrive until October 4th. I don’t blame anyone for that (I woke up at 7 EST, not 3 EST… I still have a day job after all) but I’m upset that AT&T never told me the delivery date wouldn’t be last friday until I called (the order confirmation email listed the 21st as the delivery day). I had planned to wait until I had a device and submit over the weekend but since I won’t get one for a few weeks I’m starting to submit and hoping for the best.

*** Update, arrived 9/26, was overnighted from 9/25, not bad ***


  • Submitted, Approved for Sale, Available
  • Uses new iOS 6 share sheets, thus gaining FB/Twitter etc support
  • Minor bug fix

Auto Adjust

  • Tested on device, Submitted
  • Without device to test A6 performance and making no assumptions, the downsampling in the progressive rendering engine will be more aggressive (blurrier) than it needs to be for now. ┬áDon’t worry, I’ll update when I get my iPod Touch 5.
  • Minimum iOS will be 5.1. It’s “impossible” to support armv6 (pre 3Gs) devices which means all supported devices support iOS 5.1 or 6, so upgrade.
  • EXIF preservation not rushed into this release. Stay tuned for a 3.5 or 4.0
  • Couldn’t add share sheets without breaking the UI rules of modal views calling modal views. Again, stay tuned for a 3.5 or 4.0


  • In Development
  • iOS 6 share sheets supported
  • iOS 5.1 still supported, but tempted to drop
  • Using 3:2 images in 16:9 revealed a bug that’s been there since 2.0 probably.
  • Using 3:2 or 4:3 images in 16:9 crops more off than using them in 3:2 did.
  • iDecorate is an iPad app with iPhone support, not vice versa, so this low priority compared to Auto Adjust, which IS an iPhone with iPad support (although you wouldn’t know it from sales sometimes).