Combinatorics of iPad Jr Models

AppleInsider posted a list of 24 permutations of iPad Jr models. Based on the groupings, here’s what we have:

2 columns of 3 groups of 4 (2x3x4=24)

So, it looks like there will be two of one choice, 3 of another, and 4 of the last. The full size iPads have 2 colors, 3 carriers (WiFi counts) and 3 capacities. With the iPad Jr supposedly being a low priced gateway product, speculation is that the 4 will be capacities and an 8GB option will be introduced. I don’t think that makes sense.

The 5th generation iPod Touch starts at 32GB. The 4th Generation now starts at 16GB. It’s clear that 8GB is done, and I don’t think Apple will introduce 128GB on a Mini device. Plus, this also flies in the face of the standard internal “GOOD BETTER BEST” which is easiest applied to storage. So the 3 is definitely storage.

Since this is a mini model, one might want more colors but everything else has like 6 and I’m not sure which 4 I’d pick. It’ll be in black and white, and the black will be full body black like everything else released this cycle.

So it comes down to carriers… 4 carriers including WiFi… we have WiFi… AT&T LTE… Verizon LTE… and… you guessed it, international LTE. The 3rd generation iPad had a lot of international lawsuits because neither the AT&T nor Verizon LTE models supported some international LTE bands. It’s a question of whether this “international” model will be available stateside but I’m confident it’s the 4th choice. Not exactly earth shattering but there you have it.