Here’s my 16GB iPad 1 from work configured for “Productivity”. 2.3GB used for iOS 5.1, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers, note taking / drawing apps, and all the VNC/RDP stuff. I’m posting this of course in reference to 32GB Surface RT having less than 20GB available after Windows RT, Office, and an archaic 5GB recovery partition. Simply, a 16GB Surface is literally not possible, and depending on app sizes, 32GB might not be all that usable either.

With iDecorate closing in on a whole GB (it’s 100% those 2048×2048 stamps) I’ve been paying a little more attention to storage and app sizes. For the record, Auto Adjust is the smallest app on all of my devices at 900KB, and Normalize is number 2 at 1.7MB, so it’s not like installing all of my apps will fill anything or that I use space wastefully.