The dreaded off-season

There comes a time every year when Apple has already released all of their cool stuff and we don’t expect anything for three months and tech bloggers have the “burden” of filling the gap left by not being able to write reactionary pieces. There are the few options one can take during this time, some I respond to better than others.

Simply Posting Less

This option is probably the safest. If there’s less to write about, don’t try to write filler. There will be stuff to write about when rumors heat up for spring products. Don’t try to make a story out of Instagram’s TOS.

Productivity Porn

Inbox Zero, Getting Things Done, Keyboard Maestro, Quicksilver… I don’t care about your workflow.

Non-Tech Talk (or at least Non-Apple talk)

What’s webOS up to? Here’s my favorite LED lightbulb. These are hit or miss depending on the topic (I named two I like) but I always appreciate the effort. Please do this more often, everyone. And with that being said, I’m off to see if openWebOS got anywhere this year…

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