About Arm MacBooks (again)


In the past, I have said that Arm MacBooks would give us magical amounts of battery life and run cool. And while that may still be true, it’s also currently true of Intel’s offerings (which didn’t used to be the case). Apple’s longest lasting device is no longer the iPad, it’s the 13″ MacBook Air.

I’m officially changing my stance on these rumors to being real but fake “controlled leaks” to punish/scare Intel after they were presumably the weak link in Mac Pro production and the second gen retina MacBook Pros not being available at WWDC last year.

If Intel thinks Apple is serious about the 12″ retina MacBook Air being powered by ARM, Intel may be more willing to either fab ARM chips for iOS devices (which would put them a whole process ahead of Samsung and TSMC) or give Apple earlier processor access of x86 chips in exchange for keeping the Mac lineup entirely x86.