I can’t believe I’m excited about the “no ports” 12″ Retina Air thing

after reading Jason Snell’s article I’m actually extremely excited about the idea of a 12″ Retina Air thingie with “no” ports on it, because of one hypothetical quip he makes “Yeah, your power plug is also your USB plug, get used to it.”

These days I never have anything plugged into my MacBook Pro except power, maybe headphones, and the Lightning cable to the iOS device I’m debugging on. I actually wouldn’t mind swapping power for debugging nearly as much I would hate to loose simultaneous charging off of one outlet.

A standard USB female plug and the wall plug would solve the charging issue at expense of putting the device in a good location for actual use, but if Apple continues to make the adapter break out into the grounded portion of the plug mid way then this is less bad.

Of course it is worth pointing out that I have no complaints with the current 11″ other than the huge unused bezel and that lack of retina… but mine is the original model and it’s way too slow.

This will likely be Apple’s least upgradable machine ever – like iPad territory, so I hope the RAM has a 16GB option.

I maintain my prediction that this is a step into actually reducing the product line to only 3 machines; 12″ 13″ 15″, Air, regular, and Pro, all retina. Air is lighter and missing ports, Pro has the dGPU.