Returning to the Square


Late this weekend before the event, the mythical 1-USB-C port retina 12″ MacBook was downgraded to “unlikely”. I’m glad that was dead wrong (although to be fair they won’t be shipping for a month). The most surprising thing (after all the leaks of course) is the name. MacBook. No Suffix. In hindsight it’s of course obvious, but doing forward, what does this mean for the larger Air (and the non-retina Pro for that matter)? If they’re both retired the laptops move back to Steve’s Apple product matrix: iBook, PowerBook, iMac, PowerMac; consumer / pro on one axis, desktop/laptop on the other. It was perfect.

Really, I only have one little disappointment with the MacBook as it was introduced, and luckily this problem can probably be fixed. I would have liked to see Apple through a few USB ports on the power brick. This has less to do with plugging too many things into my MacBook and more about not wanting to have to find three power outlets in a hotel to charge it, my iPhone, and my Watch.

Some day in the future, maybe iPhones will change to type C, or at the very least, Apple will offer iPhone and Watch cables with Type C at the other end, and then I can just buy a third party accessory with enough power to charge all 3. Until then it’s going to be a little tangly in my bag while traveling overnight.