WWDC ’16 Wishlist

UIKit for Mac. UXKit style macros like SKColor would be annoying. I’d rather just have UIKit.

Process per Finder window/tab or any other Finder improvements that would prevent lockup when a [usually network] disk goes awry.

SKTriangleNode. SKShapeNode is heavy and so is drawing geometry with squares. Seriously. Just triangles. That’s all I want. I’d settle for Quads assuming proper quads, but c’mon those are just two triangles glued together just give me triangles already.

Xcode for iOS. Please don’t be 12″ iPad only and please don’t be Swift only. Whatever we get, I’ll probably trash Unity immediately.

Debugging over Bluetooth. We’ve needed this one for a long time.

iAd – either a formal burial or interstitials on par with AdColony and Unity Ads. iAds aren’t crashy. I want iAd to succeed.

Dark Mode for iOS. I’d also like to see them take another stab at UIAppearance.


lol I didn’t get any of this