Xcode 9 (iOS 11/WWDC17) Wishlist

Just one: I want single orientation single device non-multitasking apps to go away. If the fate of the iPad mini is to be eaten by the Plus sized phones then landscape support for apps needs to be mandatory.

Similarly if Apple wants iPad Pros to happen iPad multitasking needs to be mandatory. Too many apps still (in addition to not supporting the Pro size iPad) don’t support multitasking sizes.

Edge cases? Well, I’ll accept that games don’t need to support multitasking, but I won’t accept that games don’t need to figure out what to do in both orientations. Even if it’s a lazy letter boxing that’s still the preferred behavior. Remember when you couldn’t watch Landscape video in portrait in Safari?

I don’t expect this. I expect the tyranny of portrait iPhone apps and landscape non-multitasking iPad apps to reign well into the iOS 11 era.