my gift to RIMM

You can still cling to life as your own company and not regret not letting Amazon buy you, but you need to do things you’re probably too proud to do.

You can’t write your own OS. You’re not good at it. You back stupid horses like Flash. If you think BB10 is going anywhere consider rebranding as “feature phones” and sell at $0 subsidized.

You need to think like Amazon did and take an open OS (WebOS might be eligible and a better idea) and customize the shit out of it. For example, turning the notification center into the BBM client and making the OS play nice with that cursor you still think people need (and keyboard), as long as you’re not too stupid also make the device function entirely without it.

That’s your only hope as a hardware maker – stop making all of the software.

Then there’s plan B: stop all hardware development and sell BBM as a service/app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, AND Mac OS X and Windows.

My point is you can’t do it all anymore or you’ll just stay in 2006. BBM/Email clients are your strength. Play to them and outsource the rest.