No Low Hanging Fruit?

I don’t want to call anyone out specifically because it’s a shared consensus. For iOS 4 and 5 Apple didn’t surprise anyone when they announced desperately needed features like App Switching and Notifications. People seem to think iOS 6 will be all surprises since they’re done with the “obvious” stuff. Well, no

  1. Exposé App Switching

    • Apps make a literal screenshot when they’re switched out so why not use that to preview the app going back to it?
    • Something like the original front row carousel/turntable would be nice.
    • Coverflow definitely looks cool but like Flip3D in Vista it requires you to iterate the whole list to find what you’re looking for. The carousel would at least let you see a few things at a time.
    • I don’t like double tapping the home button. If we’re convinced swipe-down works for notifications, swipe-up should work for the app switcher.
  2. Notifications need work

    • As has been pointed out, the “denim” background is supposed to be for things that are under something, not on top of. Apple needs to sort that out by either making the notification area under the UI or picking a different texture.
    • They look stupid an awkward on iPad
    • iPad should have a full dashboard for widgets (developers welcome!) and it should cube wipe up to it instead of pulling or sliding anything. The text notifications would itself be one of these widgets.
  3. Shared documents area (and APIs)

    • Right now the photo library is the only thing multiple apps can read and write to.
    • Why not general document storage? This would also give websites somewhere to pull from for uploads – There is a fairly common problem where you cannot (for example) upload a résumé when paste/email options aren’t available (Seems like something to fix in this economy).
    • Like the photos app, include an app for browsing and organizing this, but make the APIs as robust as the photos ones so competing apps can improve the concept.
    • Note: This would not be a directory based file system. It would be asset/album based like Aperture (again, the Photos library).
  4. Settings Settings Settings!

    • Mirroring over HDMI and AirPlay overscan, pick wrong resolutions etc. Let me override dammit.

      • I’m actually so fed up with this one that I’ve written a picker for this that will start showing up in my apps soon.
    • The Auto Brightness algorithm is always wrong.
    • I don’t use newsstand and never will. I don’t like looking at it. Why isn’t it a downloadable like iBooks is? Oh right, back room deals.
  5. API changes

    • If I elect to not use ARC, I understand I’m responsible for releasing my own views. Stop calling release when I’m supposedly managing memory for myself. I HATE ARC and garbage collection. I’d rather see my competitor’s apps leak and crash than let them get away with lazing development.
    • Giving developers access to display brightness (which I asked for during iOS 2) was a great start. Keep it coming, please.
    • Free / Promo codes for IAP. Yes, there are times we want to temporarily make an IAP free without issuing a new binary.
    • Remove iAds purchase without touching store kit APIs (make this an iAd feature and a choice right in the app store). This is my alternative to trials, which I feel is too easily abused.
    • Rate and review without leaving the app. Perhaps add the 5-star thing between the app and the switcher to make it universal?