how Retina and non-Retina apps work

  • Universal apps that have @2X artwork are already ready, don’t even need to be recompiled
  • UIImageViews scale using bicubic, not “nearest neighbor”, so images on websites won’t be blocky
  • Unlike last time, the SDK you have now already supports Retina so things like UIToolBars should already be ready to go (unless you customize with your own graphics)
  • If a website already makes @2X calls or uses larger images scaled down, it’s already ready.
  • Auto Adjust includes @2X artwork. I bet I won’t have to do an “iPad 3 compatible” upgrade *for Retina purposes. There may be some new feature I want to implement.
  • There is exactly one thing apps NEED to do: Provide a 144×144 (72@2X) icon (if Apple doesn’t just grab the 512×512 iTunes copy and scale).