Will developers need to support/test on a 7 or 8″ iPad

That depends on the specs, but not as simple as the screen resolution. The common techie might assume that just because the screen might be the same (although tighter) XGA as current iPads that everything will just work. Here’s why we should all test anyway:

Elements will be iPhone sized, not iPad sized. While this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using mostly Apple’s UI widgets, you may have some problems with your own controls.

It may not be Retina, so some text may lack clarity and need a size increase.

This is of course assuming all other things are equal. If Apple really wants to eat Amazon’s lunch on price, the rest of the hardware will be iPod Touch 4 hardware (similar to iPad 1 hardware). An A4, not A5 or A6; 256MB of RAM, not 512MB; FaceTime quality cameras and no better, perhaps not even an IPS screen (the iPod Touch lacks the 180° viewing angle of the iPhone 4). It’s worth noting that the iPad 1 does behave much better than the Kindle Fire, so these specs are no slouch.

While we’re predicting things, I might as well predict price points and product lineup.

  • $199
    • iPod Touch 8GB
  • $299
    • iPad Mini WiFi 16GB
    • iPod Touch 32GB
  • $399
    • iPad 2 WiFi 16GB
    • iPod Touch 64GB
  • $499
    • iPad 3 WiFi 16GB
  • $599
    • iPad 3 WiFi 64GB
  • $699
    • iPad 3 WiFi 128GB

I do not expect 3G (even as options) on the iPad Mini or iPad 2. You also may have noticed the iPad 3 staying at 16GB for the entry level model but the other two going up in capacity. My theory is they will employ the same practice they do on the iPod Touch (which is 8, 32, 64). The additional space doesn’t cost them nearly $100 but on the other hand they need to make that entry price point.

To answer your next question: Yes, I will be buying both an iPad 3 and an iPad Mini and frantically spending the first 48 hours testing my apps. Should you buy an iPad Mini for your spouse/kids? If it hits the $299 price point, remember that’s how much iPods used to cost when Apple had 70% of that market.

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