Whining about Deprecations

My title probably expresses my opinion here. Since day one I’ve always been against using third-party anything; this includes JQueery and everything else that’s supposed to make your development “easier”. Historically, when working with Apple’s platforms, using in-between tools just means that something will break. It’s a matter of when, not a matter of if. Steve Jobs said it best when describing cross-platform app development tools. I don’t have the quote but I’ll paraphrase: when you use these things, you have to wait for them to implement new features. Case and point, anyone using Adobe Tools has to wait for Adobe to support the retina iPad. The private developer forums on Apple’s website have countless threads asking if they can use iAd if they’re developing with Adobe’s Flash tools.

If you’re a second-hand developer (you write apps for fees rather than selling yourself) your customer doesn’t know about UDIDs or how Flurry works, and that’s their problem if they insist you use Flurry analytics. (Not to pick on Flurry because they did make an update). If your client gets updates from you then you should’ve been proactive about getting them a binary without UDID references 6 months ago when Apple announced the deprecation. Don’t claim you expected to have until iOS 6 came out. UDID’s have always been controversial. None of this is surprising. If anything, the 6 months you had was a blessing.

It’s not like you have to dig through release notes for these deprecations. When you compile and run the compiler or console will tell you when you’ve used something deprecated. iOS 5 was seeded in June. If 9 months is long enough to make a baby it’s long enough to fix deprecations. I feel guilty when I don’t have quarterly updates. If your apps aren’t that nimble they’re probably app store clutter.

Stop whining.