Sorry, but I like the Mac App Store

When you think about it, the apps that don’t get along with sandboxing are doing things I now realize I don’t want my apps doing. TextExpander for example works by being a system-wide keylogger. Apps that can use stuff from your iPhoto library do so by just reading it, with or without permission. Sure BBEdit can’t sudo-open (unless you run it as root) but it can still do everything else, and they let you install their command line tools from the web if you like. Panic and Pixelmator are making killings on the Mac App Store (Panic even “figured out” how to charge for upgrades).

So, when some email client I never heard of complains they can’t scrape my iPhoto library or TextExpander complains they can’t keylog the whole OS, I don’t care.

With Lightroom now going neck and neck with Aperture on the App Store, and Coda 2, Acorn, and Pixelmator making boatloads of money, I don’t think there is anything “wrong” with the sandboxing restrictions. And as long as apps run as “Coda” rather than “joemmac”, I know I never need to blame an app for system problems.