Everything Comes in Black!

I’m loving this. I’m buying at least two of these.

*** Update after listening to The Talk Show last week (#16 Big in Indonesia)

While we’re usually interested in if it looks cool or not on its own, this is the first time Apple has unified the look across the iDevices (iPad pending, of course). Prior to this refresh, the Shuffle and Nano were shiny metal, all iPod Touch had the classic iPod chrome back, and the back of an iPhone looked like the front. I suspect the iPad Junior with 3G will look like the back of the iPod Touch with the same plastic stripe we’ve been seeing so far. This would align the iPad Junior as an iOS type device rather than a “real computer”.

I also didn’t notice that killing the plastic MacBook made all of Apple’s notebooks have the same exterior finish (which match the G5, Mac Pro, and Cinema Displays. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the big iPad (can we call it Papa iPad?) stays looking like a MacBook since it’s a “real computer”.