my 2012 Holiday prediction scorecard, September Edition

With the iPad junior still unannounced, there’s still time for maybe something to change, but for now, I was wrong about the following:

The 5th generation iPod Touch did not come in at the existing $199 and did not therefor create a $99 4th generation iPod Touch, but at least I predicted the 4th would stick around as a still-being-manufactured product. I bet Apple wanted to do what I suggested but opted for the IPS display and 5MP rear camera instead, making the iPod Touch a carrierless iPhone more than ever (we’ll see how much RAM it has… I bet 512).

We also didn’t see an AppleTV refresh which I expected to be a very modest ability to create wireless networks. It would have been the kind of update that only matters for new users, not one existing users would care about replacing their puck for.

The higher than expected price of the new iPod Touch has me a little worried that Apple might introduce the iPad Junior at $399. I think that would be suicide. I maintain that the non-retina WiFi iPad Junior with base capacity will be $299.

Next year, this years iPad Junior will be $199, the new retina version will be $299, iPod Touch updates will be skipped and prices will fall $100 on each model.