DAZ mostly gets their act together

I’ve been using DAZ | Studio and Bryce a lot lately for new content. Recently, they changed their content store to one powered by Magneto. The following things have gone wrong since

  • Platinum Club and Sale item prices were not being shown (solved)
  • Asynchronous checkout lead to double purchases (solved)
  • Prerequisites lists are often random (solved)
  • Downloads include a Fatal PHP error, which zip files are robust enough to endure, but only by dumb luck. (effectively solved)

To fix the last problem, they converted all their old .exe and .app installers to just zip directories of the content. Of course, without the installer, you have to do a directory merge to install them. This is actually what I’d prefer they did with new content because it actually makes batch installing easier. Now I can just ditto everything.

  1. Unzip all your downloaded content into a single new decretory
  2. Open Terminal
  3. ditto folderofunzippedstuff/* dazlibraryfolder

Obviously you’ll need to edit that line yourself. As I mentioned, the zip files still include the error. If you tail one of them you’ll see it ends with

Fatal error: Call to undefined method (blah blah blah) in
(...)DownloadController.php on line 106

Fatal error: Class 'Mage' not found in (...)functions.php on line 244

Googling around seemed to indicate a mere relaunch of things might fix this. Either way, c’mon DAZ, finish the job. I’m so close to loving you again.