The New MacBook Pro might be my new Desktop

If you saw my thunderbolt post, you’ll see that my ideal machine is something with a lot of Thunderbolt / Display options, Quad i7, and a real GPU. The Retina MacBook Pro is exactly that, oh, and it’s also a retina MacBook Pro.

My only “disappointment” is that its logical resolution is 1440×900. I don’t really care about the 512 SSD being too expensive because I intend to leave my iTunes and Aperture on my Mini server and sync my iEverything to that.

Regarding the existence of my 11″ Air – I’m not waiting for a Retina Air because I never expect a decent GPU to be in them. I also don’t intend to take the 15″ anywhere other than the desk, the couch, and maybe WWDC. It certainly won’t be coming camping with me.

I’ll buy one when I can get it in store. I don’t like multi week shipping times. I can’t coordinate that.