Awkward Threading

I’ve run into a weird situation here… If I don’t dispatch this loading thing onto another thread, the app just hangs for two seconds as it loads a new stamp. However, since UIKit can only be updated on the main thread, it’s possible for the loading to finish before the main thread realizes that it’s done and gets rid of the “Loading” message.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong, but this isn’t the first time where iOS has spent noticeable time dispatching things. The last thing I want to do is to fire off a timer like one normally does for progress bar updating. It seems like overkill. I’m just loading 4MP pngs here. Not that complicated, just takes a noticeable 2 seconds. As this is a file I/O thing and has little to do with the rest of the hardware it’s not any faster on the third generation iPad than the original iPad.

I’m probably overreacting. People might think the loading screen makes it feel slower even though it’s “more responsive”… this might be the first time I test with real people.