JP4 “new dinosaur” speculation

Giganotosaurs eating Argentinosaurus

Giganotosaurus and Mapusaurus eating an Argentinosaurus while Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, and Suchomimus look on.
That image is a 10000×2500 png with transparency. If you do something cool with it let me know – @joemmac on twitter and

What I would like to see is Giganotosaurus and/or Mapusaurus in a very large quantity – like 10 of them on screen at once. They were not feathered. They were Tyrannosaur sized. They have been found in groups. Unlike the Rex and Spino which went after things smaller than them, the Carcharodontosaurs all over the world preyed upon giant sauropods. A bonebed of Mapusaurus contains seven individuals of various size. While it’s not known whether this is pack or family behavior or just a mob (or even just a mere predator trap) but JP has made much greater leaps with its artistic license *cough* spitter.

Imagine the game-trail scene from the lost world that instead ends with the main characters watching 2 Giganotosaurs challenging an Argentinosaurus, then 2 more appear, then 6 more including juveniles. During prior movies, there simply wasn’t enough territory to worry about running into more than one male Tyrannosaurus or Spinosaurus. But after 20 years of Giganotosaurs not killing each other for dominance on Isla Sorna their numbers have gotten ridiculous and horrifying.

My hopes are not high. I imagine something boring like just one Carcharodontosaurus acting indistinguishably from the Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus “but guys it’s totally different!”

We’ll probably have to deal with “super smart” inexplicably giant (people sized) naked Troodons that resulted from that weird lab in JP3 that might act just a little too similarly to Xenomorphs.

I’ll get back to tech topics soon. Think of Dinosaurs as my coffee