iDecorate on iPhone 5

Back when we had that hack to make the iOS Simulator (pre iOS 6 gm) the first thing I tested was the store build of iDecorate – not even recompiled – and it worked great. Once we got the GM though things didn’t work anymore. No, it wasn’t because I forgot the put the Default.png in there. It was because I was using some now deprecated interface rotation APIs. This is actually really good news. It means my code for handling arbitrarily sized canvases and devices was actually working flawlessly not knowing the dimensions of future devices. Knowing the dimensions, my choice for background sizes actually remains very good.

The whole image is 3:2 (like the iDecorate backgrounds are), the blue box is 4:3 like a iPad in landscape. The bigger red box is 16:10 like a MacBook Pro. The tighter red box is 16:9 like a landscape iPhone 5 or HDTV. If we try to normalize the ratios you get something like a image of 900×600 shows 800×600 on an iPad, 900×506 on iPhone 5, 900×562 on MacBooks. Interestingly enough, the center area that’s visible no matter what you’re viewing on is pretty close to what the overscan-era “action safe” region would be. BTW, you should disable overscan compensation. And no, I haven’t submitted yet. There’s testing to do.