Steve Jobs Never Would Have Released

  1. Final Cut Pro X
  2. mobileMe
  3. iTunes 5 through 10
  4. QuickTime 4 through 7
  5. Mac OS X 10.0 and 10.1
  6. ping
  7. BootCamp
  8. Those giant double harddrive iPods (if you got the 40GB while the 20GB was the entry model)
  9. The 4 button (non clickwheel) iPod
  10. The buttonless iPod Shuffle
  11. All but the first and second generation iPod Nano
  12. Xcode 4.0

Of course, he shipped all these things under his watch. QuickTime was corrected under his watch, as well as the iPod stuff. Tim Cook is the on who cleaned up iCloud, iTunes, ping, Xcode, and Final Cut Pro X is still (very much) in progress.

I include BootCamp because I find VMWare a much better solution ever since it started supporting DirectX but more importantly, BootCamp was always slow to have drivers for new versions of Windows as they were released, where VMWare had drivers for developer builds. I guess I’m complaining about the neglect more than its implementation.

If you listen to Steve Jobs’ 1997 MacWorld speech he clearly describes iCloud. It’s haunting.

It’s fairly unanimous across those of us around for the transition that 10.2 was the first feature complete version of OS X, and 10.3 was the first version recognizably similar to today’s versions (10.3 introduced Exposé and metal Finder windows with the sidebar).