Apple’s New Product Lineup from Now On

Spec iPhone iPod Touch iPad iPad Mini
Processor An A(n-1) AnX A(n-1)[X]
RAM 2n n 2n n
Cameras Best Good Better Good
AGPS Yes Never LTE model LTE model

One thing I’m surprised they didn’t bother doing was throwing lightning on the iPad 2 for consistency’s sake. One thing is clear though, non-retina iPads are here to stay (while non-retina pocketables are gone for good). Once the add lightning to the iPad 2 they’ll just call it iPad (compared to iPad with retina display) and do the same with the iPad Minis.

There’s something magical about the A5…

  • playback 1080p h.264
  • drive XGA games with graphics that rival consoles
  • geekbench as high as any PowerBook G4

With the mere XGA screen it really doesn’t need to get more powerful. My iPhone 4S was never “slow” other than rendering (which isn’t exactly common). When Apple develops an iPad Mini with Retina Display powered by an A6X and the iPad with Retina Display has an A7X, Apple won’t need to make an A6 XGA iPad yet, unless it’s more economic to do so (at that point they’ll probably have an A6 AppleTV, which again isn’t necessary, but it’s cheaper to make more of the same chip and they could continue using “broken” chips with only one functioning core).