iPad Mini and Retina MacBook Pro Scorecard

First: $329. 9to5mac nailed it, we didn’t believe it. Cudos to them. Macrumors’ Arnold Kim pointed out on twitter that the often-mocked and disregarded digitimes predicted the 4th Gen iPad refresh this fall (to the skeptics credit, they also predicted it as the iPad 3 launching in September last year).

Everything else was spot on. 32nm A5 with XGA display at iPhone 3GS dpi but high quality IPS and other modern improvements (so it should look like a 11″ MacBook Air in terms of quality, which is very good). It comes in paint-chippy black, which is what I’ll be getting.

Earlier, I expressed some concerns that the 13″ retina MacBook pro would be lacking some features I love on the 15″. For one, it doesn’t have a discrete GPU, and its onboard display is 1280×800@2x. I suspect it will only have three total resolution options:1024×640@2X, 1280×800@2X, 1440×900@2X, unfortunately lacking a 1920×1200@2X which wouldn’t be too small for my eyes but is how much room I need for some stuff. As it only has the Intel GPU, even though it has 3 display outputs plus the onboard, I don’t think you’ll be driving all 4 at the same time. It could do 3 external easily if they’re all 1920×1200 or smaller or, or one 2560×1600 external plus onboard, but two cinema displays + onboard + 1080p HDMI all at once? Unlikely, or at least without noticeable framerate drops and audible fans.

Still, my girlfriend’s 2008 Unibody MacBook (the lone aluminum model before the 13″ Pro was introduced) has seen better days and this would be one hell of an upgrade if her machine enters the realm of unreasonably expensive to repair.